Ray’s Custom Cars

Ray’s Custom Cars

Let me help you find, build and maintain your Dream Car"

Have Your Car Running at Maximum Performance

I know the services your auto needs for improved maneuverability and efficiency. Let me, at Ray’s Custom Cars help you enjoy your car.  You can either come to me or I will come to your project. I will inspect it, talk about what you want, advise you on it, create a plan to reach your goal and work with you to achieve your dream.

Restromod Your Ride

Restromodding involves both restoration and modification. It is a different for each project, but basically means keep the classic look, but adding personal touches and making it more enjoyable to drive. Disk brakes, modern lighting, better performing engines, fuel injection, suspensions, steering and A/C. 

A key advantage of restromodding is that it equips your car with advanced parts. Standard restoration alone won’t do this; it only returns your vehicle to the same state as when it was new.

My Car Improvement Services

  • Performance Modifications
  • Simple Tuning
  • Dyno Tuning " in house dyno coming soon"
  • Power steering and suspension improvements
  • Authorized Holley fuel injection system Installer
  • Cooling systems, tested and improved or modified

  • Carburetor to Fuel Injection Conversion
  • Electric windows and door locks added
  • R13 A/c conversions or complete new A/C systems.
  • L.E.D lighting, HID lighting
  • Stereo Sound systems and power accessories
  • Add I-pod, I-pad , video, and other modern electronics

Buying and Appraising Autos

Come to me when you’re looking to buy or appraise a car. My experience with vehicles is essential to helping you get the right price for any auto. Whether you’re looking for a new car or you need to know the value of your old auto, I am the man for the job. I can keep you from buying a rust-bucket or structurally bad, car. I have several tools, Bondo finder, paint analysis, compression testing, etc..

Getting and Creating Your Dream Car

Trust me in helping you get the vehicle that you’ve always wanted. I will exhaust my knowledge to help you locate your dream car.

Turn to me when you want a customized vehicle. I will find the parts needed, plan its design, and build it for you. We can stage the project so you only spend a small amount a month to reach your goal.