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Restore or Modify Your Car

Have your auto repaired and personalized by Ray’s Custom Cars. Here, your vehicle is customized promptly and properly. Restore your car good as new for a smoother drive through town. We specialize in making cars drive better then new.

Raymond Thorn, Automotive Technician and Consultant

I have over 20 years of experience working on cars. Customers choose me because I keep their auto’s vintage look while modernizing its mechanisms to drive like a new car. I am a register Engineer and have turned my love of cars into a business.

Part of my job is giving my clients advice on what their auto needs. Because of this, I provide my inspection services to help them decide the best course of action for their car. I am based in Tampa, but my services are available to clients anywhere in the state of Florida. Let me help you make your dream come to true.

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